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DustyDelight is a Burning Man camp inspired by the joy of ice cream and visionaries of love with the intention to bring to the playa a gift like no other. 

Our global camp is founded on our magical art car Double-D that offers fresh playa-made ice cream to the residents of Black Rock City. We make our ice cream with love in the best possible way, and have vegan flavors too!

ice-cream copy.jpg

cum for ICE CREAM


Our camp believes first and foremost in love and its power to unite and grow ourselves and society. We designed a camp as campers for campers - learning from years past. We embrace every person and their amazing uniqueness and how they can contribute. 

We focus on one thing we do really well which is to gift ice cream to the playa residents and brighten and cool off people’s day with amazing music sets in the background . The hours we picked for activities (mid afternoon) will enable people to sleep late post partying , explore the playa, be free to watch sunsets and go out to night-burning and partying at any time desired .  

An important quality of our camp is about giving back to society outside of the playa implementing burning man principals and spreading love to people who rarely get it . 

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